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Marketing consulting

Looking for more help managing the market’s price fluctuations all year round? Halo’s market consulting services will combine our brokerage services along with developing individual marketing plans that are unique to your operation and focused on profitability. Our goal is to not to predict the highest price in a given year. No amount of knowledge or sorcery can predict that, but we strive to make profitable, disciplined marketing decisions. Service fees for our consulting service will be $3.00/planted acre. Those that sign up for consulting services will not be charged brokerage fees on any sales.

Cash grain brokerage

You decide when you want to sell, we will find best price. We will gauge the entire marketplace and find the best priced marketplace for your specific grain. Service fees will be a flat rate of $0.06/bu. per transaction. If Halo cannot find a better price than the local cash bid, we will gladly recommend that you make that sale yourself to avoid fees.

Off farm trucking

If the best market for your grain is too far away to truck yourself, Halo can help facilitate trucking. Our trucks will be procured at competitive trucking rates and we will only use respectable, responsible carriers.

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